NY hiring 1,000 contact tracers to track COVID-19 spread

Posted at 7:27 PM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 19:27:17-04

NEW YORK — They’re the new wave of front-line workers, vital to New York’s re-opening.

One thousand contact tracer jobs are available right now to help the city and state combat COVID-19.

After a person tests positive for coronavirus, tracers conduct phone interviews to identify who they’ve been in significant contact with over the last 14 days.

Bloomberg Philanthropies is helping with the hiring and training of contact tracers. In a press conference last week, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg explained, “to get the contact tracing program up and running, a lot has to happen.”

The position is currently open to applications through the Fund for Public Health’s website.

They are recruiting contact tracers with health related experience and excellent organizational skills. The salary is $57,000 a year and includes a full benefits package.

Bloomberg explained the training for contact tracers “will cover all the basics of epidemics, contact tracing and privacy. There's also a test at the end of training, which you have to pass in order to be hired, so we’re not going to put people out there who don’t know what they’re doing.”