NY doctor, recovered from COVID-19, back in the ER treating patients

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Posted at 4:37 PM, Apr 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-18 17:26:18-04

BROOKDALE, Brooklyn — “I can’t express to you the type of emotions I was feeling, I was scared.”

Six-weeks after he contracted COVID-19, Dr. Eugene Perepada shares his story with PIX11 News.

“I work in the ER and see a lot of respiratory patients and we weren’t wearing full PPE at that time.“

Dr. Perepada is an ER doctor at two-hospitals in the NYC-area, including Brookdale in Brooklyn. He believes he got the virus from a patient.

“I didn’t feel like myself, I felt extremely drained and fatigued,” he said.

“It kinda progressed into a sore throat and then I spiked a very low grade fever.”

Even worse, days later, he was faced with one of his biggest fears, his wife Brook and 6-week old daughter Blake tested positive.

“I’m trained not to have emotions but when it comes so close to home, I was extremely worried about my daughter.”

While there were many days of uncertainty, the 37-year old doctor says, with lots of rest, fluids, vitamins and over-the-counter medicine for his fever and aches and pain, he is now fully recovered and his wife and babygirl are on the mend.

“Last week I was tested at work for the antibodies and tested positive. I feel better knowing I have some sort of immunity now.”

And now he’s back in the ER, caring for COVID-19 patients, another battle he hopes will be over soon.

“We’re trained to see the sickest of the sickest, it’s part of our training, but we’re never trained to see the amount of sick people we are seeing now.”

The healthcare hero and now COVID-19 survivor says he will continue to put on his scrubs and all of his personal protective equipment and go into emergency rooms every day to save as many lives he can.

“This is my moral obligation. This is what I signed up for,” he said.

He’s seeing over a dozen COVID-19 patients a day, as more and more doctors contracting the virus.