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Small Business Spotlight: Harlem Cycle

How a local cycling studio is working to better its community in this pandemic
harlem cycle
Posted at 4:07 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 18:39:34-04

Founder: Tammeca Rochester
Founded in: April 2, 2016
Based in: Harlem, NY
Link to website: https://harlem-cycle.com/

Small Business Spotlight

Nearly four years ago, Harlem Cycle, a boutique studio specializing in indoor cycling, first opened its doors.

Founder Tammeca Rochester says that she always loved cycling, but there were no other dedicated cycling gyms in Harlem. So, she started her own.

“We are all about culture and community and keeping it true to the Harlem spirit,” Rochester said. “I want you to feel at home. The moment you walk in, I want you to release all the tension from New York.”

Hear more from the interview with founder Tammeca Rochester:

But, when the coronavirus pandemic saw local small businesses close their doors, it was a tough adjustment for her company.

Prior to this, almost all classes had been taught in person, and on a bicycle. Since this was no longer possible, Rochester says her team instead began looking into helping their clients upkeep their health and wellness.

Now, they’re partnering with local Harlem restaurants on immune-boosting recipes to share with their online audience.

“It was more about connecting with our community,” Rochester said. “We wanted to make sure, before anything else, that our clients were remaining healthy.”

Harlem Cycle has been hosting midday movement parties on Instagram Live for 15-20 minutes, as well as livestream Zoom classes that you can do from your home, available for purchase.

Harlem Cycle
Harlem Cycle

How you can help

Today, Tammecca says that one of the best ways to support her business is by purchasing a gift card and committing yourself to your wellness plan in advance.

“This first part of the year is our strongest. We’re going into our slow season next. Now we’re having two slow seasons. We have to accept that for now, we’ll have to do things a little bit differently,” she said.

Still, she’s keeping her spirits high and working to uplift her community at the same time.

“We’re in this together. No one is alone,” she said.

Harlem's Message of Hope
Harlem's Message of Hope