Serving up healthy soul food options

Posted at 10:01 AM, Jul 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-29 11:05:59-04

NEW YORK — Traditional soul food is the ultimate comfort food for many. However, many of the dishes are not the healthiest.

Nicole Young, lifestyle expert and founder of, has got you covered.

She shares a few easy swaps to help make favorites such as collard greens a little healthier.

Classic soul food dish: braised collard greens with ham hocks

  • Unhealthy additions:-Braised in salty chicken stock-Flavored with ham hocks high in fat and sodium
  • Slimmed down remix: Collard green grain bowl with turkey baconHealthy swaps:-Sautéed with low sodium vegetable stock-Blended with whole grain rice loaded with iron-Flavored with peppered turkey bacon which has lower sodium and less fat and smoked paprika

Classic soul food dish: Potato salad with mayo and eggs

  • Unhealthy additions:

- Dressed with mayo which is high in fat- Mixed with eggs which are high in cholesterol

  • Slimmed down remix: Creamy lemon potatoes
  • Healthy swaps:

- Non-dairy yogurt used for creamy vinaigrette lowers the fat- Fresh chives added for texture
- Eggs left out means lower cholesterol

Classic soul food dish: Peach Cobbler

  • Unhealthy additions:

- Loaded with sugar- Prepared with butter and flour
- Served with ice cream high in fat and sugar

  • Slimmed down remix: Peach cobbler parfait with oatmeal topping
  • Healthy swaps:

- Layered with non-dairy yogurt lowers the fat- Peaches prepared with a touch of coconut oil but without sugar or butter
- topping is a mixture of roasted oatmeal and touch of brown sugar so less unnatural sweetener

Classic soul food drink: sweet tea

  • Unhealthy additions:

- Loads of sugar

  • Slimmed down remix: tropical mango tea by Wonder Drink prebiotic KombuchaHealthy
  • Healhty swaps:

- Only 10 grams of sugar per can- prebiotic added for gut health

Classic soul food drink: Spiked sweet tea

  • Unhealthy aspects:

- Already super sweet- Spikes with bourbon or brown spirit

  • Slimmed down remix: Spiked Fresh mango tea
  • Healthy swaps:

- Mixed with fresh mango purée and unsweetened black tea but no added sugar-Spiked with Appleton Estate Rum less sweet lower alcohol content