Crafty toys and activities for kids

Posted at 7:59 AM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 10:26:57-05

NEW YORK — The holidays are here, but kids will likely be off from school for another few days after.

Here are some easy-to-find gifts for kids who love arts and crafts.

They’re also great to give children something to do while they are off from school during holiday and for the cold weather, which will have them indoors on winter weekends.


● With Crayola Glitter Dots, kids can create with glitter in a whole new way, without all the mess!

● Just squish each dot to create glitter-infused outputs.

● Each dot contains a special coating so the glitter stays in the dot and not on your hands!

● Glitter dots are easy to use and versatile for any type of craft or project – they can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, wood, craft foam, felt and more.

● Glitter Dots Sparkle Station comes with 84 dots and gives kids all the tools they need to squish, roll, and cut custom glitter dot creations that can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

● Assortment packs also available with additional fun spots to put your glitter like stickers, signs, and keychains! ● The Glitter Dots Sparkle Signs Set lets kids create dazzling signs they can hang in their room or give as a gift to friends.

● Press dots into the included keychain charms to add color and sparkle. Then proudly add to your keychain or use the included ring.

● For Sparkle Fills, Press dots into the included mosaic frames to add color and sparkle. Then proudly display your completed art! ● Glitter Dot Refill Packs are also available.

● Ages: 5+

● MSRP: $4.99-$19.99 (Activity kits $10)

● Available:, Amazon, Walmart

Dabble Lab Inventor's Box (Horizon Group)

● The best inventions are usually made by accident or created out of necessity.What would make your life easier or more interesting?

● Dive into the Dabble Lab Inventor’s Box to get started!

● Follow along with the inspiration guide to learn how to create basic pulley systems, wheel axels and catapults to transform into an invention of your very own.

● Some of your inventions may come out exactly as planned, others may turn out differently.

● Ages: 8+

● MSRP: $14.97

● Available: Walmart


● Fluff your own plush!

● Stuff yarn behind the mesh pocket attached to plush, then add your character features and use the hook to pull out the loops to create a fluffy friend!

● Ages: 7+

● MSRP: $12.99

● Available: Amazon, Specialty, Walmart, Craft Stores Jixelz 700 and 1,500-piece set (Fat Brain Toys)

● Classic puzzle fun becomes an adventure in pixelated creativity!

● Each set comes with either 700 or 1,500 vibrant, precision-cut micro jigsaw pieces. Follow the instructions to transform the tiny pixel puzzle pieces into vibrant designs.

● Build a cat and a dog with the Playful Pets set!

● Or why not get creative and invent your own designs or why not collect them all, combine them all, and build something HUGE?

● All Jixels hold together strong - no ironing needed! - and they fit together easily without any frustration.

● Let your big ideas shine bright with Jixels!

● Ages: 6+

● MSRP: $9.95 - $16.96

● Available:, Amazon


● A WHOLE NEW WAY to create amazing textile art with the ease of coloring!

● Y’Art is a brand new arts & crafts activity.

● It’s MESS FREE coloring with yarn!

● Yarn magically CLINGS to the Grip-N-Stick Y’Artboard.

● Totally OOPS-PROOF! Lift the yarn from the Y’Artboard if you make a mistake and reposition it any time.

● Thread the Y’Art pen and color the numbered areas with yarn with the Y’Art pen.

● Create amazing textures and patterns that look like brush strokes on a canvas.

● Frame your Y’Artwork when it’s done (frame on back of box).

● Available in Pug Puppy, Unicorn, Flamingo, Llama and Narwhal designs.

● Masterpiece is available in Starry Night, with the core SKUs available as Puppy, Unicorn, Llama, Narwhal, and Flamingo designs.

● Ages: 8+

● MSRP: $14.99

● Available: Amazon, Specialty retailers


● Take your Cutie Stix on-the-go with the all-new Cutie Compact Jewelry Kit!

● These adorable animal-themed compacts come complete with everything you need to make 4 Cutie Stix bracelets or 2 necklaces!

● Now you can bring your personalized Cutie Stix creations wherever you go! Available in 3 sets including Friends Furrever, Pinky Pal or Kitty Krew.

● Ages: 5+

● MSRP: $9.99

● Availability: Target


● In this pretend STEM scenario, kids are a chemist for a bath and body products company, and it’s their job to make and test different cosmetic products.

● Kids will use the tools in their laboratory to employ different scientific techniques and essential chemistry principles to make soaps and bath bombs.

● Try out different additives to affect the color, smell, and other qualities of the products you make.

● The 35-piece kit comes with 10 experiments and an instruction manual.

● Ages: 6+

● MSRP: $29.95

● Available:, Amazon, Macys