Farmer's Fridge providing fresh, healthy meals to New Yorkers and beyond

Posted at 10:43 AM, Mar 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-25 10:43:19-04

NEW YORK — Traditional vending machines might be convenient, but they can easily derail your diet.

Thanks to Farmer's Fridge, there's now a healthier alternative at places like airports and hospitals, with customized menus for each machine.

Founder and CEO Luke Saunders explains how the automated smart fridges work as they start to pop up across the city, including one at Macy's in Herald Square.

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Plus, while most people are self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak, Farmer's Fridge wants to make sure people have access to fresh, healthy options even when getting to a "Fridge" isn't possible.

Farmer's Fridge is now offering delivery in select parts of New York City. Head here to place an order.

"Food safety is a critical piece of our business and we pride ourselves on the daily precautions taken to deliver the highest-quality products. To ensure complete confidence in the safety of your food, our individually-packaged items are always made to Food and Drug Administration manufacturing standards, which includes strict sanitation practices," the company says.

Plus, Farmer's Fridge is ramping up donations and providing all surplus meals to individuals and local partners in need.