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Two families on the Lower East Side need repairs

Posted at 6:36 PM, Nov 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-25 18:36:15-05

LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — Two families at the Baruch Houses say they can’t cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Both have major leaks in the kitchen. It started with tweets from Jasmin Sanchez, a community advocate, who also lives at the Baruch houses.

Right as you walk in to 64 Baruch Drive, you see a hole in the wall. Sanchez believes it’s just part of a bigger problem with the entire B line.

Michelle Colon lives in 3B.

"I don’t have a working sink. Not for almost a month,” said Colon.

Colon is not alone in her frustration.

Phillip Colon, no relation, has a bad leak in his kitchen too.

“It’s sad we can’t have a normal thanksgiving. We can’t cook because water drips on the food on the stove,” said Colon.

We reached out to NYCHA, a spokesperson gave us a response.

“We have dispatched skilled trades staff to make the necessary repairs and the hole in the first floor stairwell will be repaired by plumbing staff tomorrow,” they said.