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What are New Yorkers' New Years resolutions for 2021?

Posted at 6:32 PM, Dec 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-31 22:33:04-05

NEW YORK — With only a few hours left of 2020, it’s time to look ahead to those 2021 resolutions.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is hoping everyone gets vaccinated.

What are New Yorkers thinking?

“I am going to try to stay healthy, get wealthy and be wise,” Natalie Cutkelvin in downtown Brooklyn said.

It has arguably been one of the worst years in American history since the Civil War. A pandemic, racial injustice and an economic downturn that has affected us all so instead of just shredding your good riddance messages or whacking a 2020 piñata, PIX11 News decided to look forward to 2021.

We turned to spiritual medium Erika Gabriel, host of the podcast "You Are Not Alone," for what is in our future.

“I am seeing a huge recovery on many different levels,” Gabriel said. “We see kids going back to school and things starting to open up. We’re headed in a good place, don’t get discouraged, stay in the moment, stay in gratitude."

Psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere encourages people to make those resolutions.

“There is great value in making New Years resolutions,” he said. Dr. Gardere says 50% of us will make new year’s resolutions but only 10% of us will keep them.

Dr. Gardere has some tips for success: choose a goal that will enhance or save your life, be realistic in your goal, make it public so you get support from friends and family and don’t give up even if you are not totally successful.

“As the song says, 10% of something is better than nothing at all."

And a random sampling of resolutions in downtown Brooklyn.

“I am just hoping for a better year in 2021, that’s all I am asking,” Patrick Howell, a Cobble Hill resident, told PIX11 News.

Matthew Axelrod, a Scarsdale resident said he wanted to “stop drinking so much.”

Wendy Smith, a Boerum Hill resident, says: “I’m desperate ti be around other people without a mask, kind of hanging out in a way like New Yorkers do.”

James Brown of East Flatbush said he didn’t have any New Year’s resolutions.

“As opposed to last year, it was rough for so many people. I just want to live."

“Stop smoking and go to the gym more,” Riko Raina, walking in Brooklyn, told us.