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Queens subway control tower being fumigated again after apparent bed bug sighting

Posted: 7:59 PM, Jan 27, 2020
Updated: 2020-01-27 19:59:51-05
Subway train

QUEENS — An MTA control tower in Queens will be fumigated Monday night after an apparent bed bug sighting, officials said.

The Forest Hills-71st Ave control tower was already fumigated last Wednesday after a bug was spotted. After that sighting, staff were evacuated, causing severe subway delays. Monday's bug was "secured and is deceased," officials said.

"The tower will be fumigated again later tonight (it was previously treated January 22) with no impact on subway service," an MTA official said in a statement.

The MTA will also get rid of four chairs and replace them with smooth-surfaced chairs out of concerns for employees, officials said. No bugs were observed on those chairs.

"The source of the bug observed today has not been determined," an MTA official said in a statement.