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Court upholds woman's $1.8M award for NJ Transit bus attack

NJ Transit bus
Posted at 3:27 PM, Feb 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-17 15:27:39-05

NEWARK — New Jersey's Supreme Court has upheld a $1.8 million jury award for a woman who was struck on the head with a bottle while riding a New Jersey Transit bus.

The 4-3 ruling Wednesday affirmed that NJ Transit has a heightened duty of care to protect customers, though the dissenting justices felt the majority went too far in its analysis.

The case will go back to a trial court to determine whether any of the damages should be shared by the bottle-thrower, who was never caught.

Anasia Maison suffered a permanent injury to her forehead in the 2013 attack on a bus in Newark.