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Meeting the candidates: Spike Lee lends directing chops to campaign video

Posted at 7:53 PM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-02 20:24:12-05

NEW YORK CITY — In a campaign video by Spike Lee, former Citigroup executive Ray McGuire officially entered the 2021 race for New York City mayor.

“When he tells his story, I think folks in the South Bronx, in Harlem, Washington Heights, Southeast Queens, they will connect with him,” explained McGuire campaign manager Basil Smikle. “We spend so many years talking about income inequality, wealth disparities — he’s actually worked in the field where we can figure out a way to close those gaps.”

Fellow City Hall contender Maya Wiley is also thinking of ways to transform the city.

Wednesday, Wiley unveiled a plan to prevent gun violence, calling for more summer jobs for at risk teens and increased funding for community-based anti-violence groups.

“When people have jobs, when people have good schools and places to go and mental health services,” Wiley told PIX News, “these are things that bring gun violence rates down.”

Dianne Morales is another candidate for mayor. Morales was born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and raised children as a single mother while working as a nonprofit CEO.

“All of those things position me to understand first person so many of the struggles of New Yorkers, and understand what we need to do to make it easier for people to be able to live in dignity and thrive,” Morales said.

Another newcomer to the race is Isaac Wright Jr. The TV show “For Life” is based on his journey from wrongfully convicted inmate to lawyer.

Wright wants his next role to be mayor.

“I believe I’m someone who can turn this city around, who can bring this city back to its past glory and that can make life better for the average New Yorker."