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Solar installation coming to the Javits Center

Posted at 6:30 PM, Sep 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-25 18:30:13-04

MANHATTAN — The Javits Center is known as one of the busiest convention centers in the country.

Most recently, it became a makeshift hospital during the pandemic treating patients battling COVID-19. Now it’s on a path to provide clean, locally generated energy.

The 1.4 megawatt solar energy project will allow up 2 MW battery storage, which would reduce energy costs and help New York State meet aggressive solar and energy targets to fight climate change. It's part of the $1.5 billion expansion of the Javits Center. The energy storage is enough to power 8,000 NYC Apartments.

Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Green New Deal, the state is charged with generating 70% of its electricity of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

"It will provide power to this area of New York on the hottest days when the grid is particularly stressed. So, ConEd will not have to supply as much power to the Javits Center," says Gil Quiniones, president, and CEO of the New York Power Authority.

At a time of record wildfires, historic tropical cyclones and COVID-19 making headlines, homeowners are also now reconsidering their power usage. Scott Maskin co-founder SUNation Solar Systems. He says business is booming across Long Island.

"Isaias, when it came through most of my corporate colleagues and stuff spent millions of dollars for their companies to work remotely and suddenly the power reliability came in to play. If I’m in the office and you’re at home, imagine the power goes out and you don’t have power liability, you’re out of business. That’s why battery storage has become a very high focal point in our industry," says Maskin.

Plus, with more homeschoolers and people working from home because of the pandemic, customers may also notice an increase in the electric bill. Maskins also says solar panels are the answer to curbing those costs.

Those savings will happen over time. As for the Javits Center, the solar installation will be completed next spring and will also include a greenhouse.