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NYC virus lockdown protest leader ordered away from reporter

Posted at 7:58 PM, Oct 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-12 19:59:54-04

BROOKLYN — A judge ordered a leader of protests against new coronavirus restrictions in Brooklyn to stay away from a journalist who was chased and trapped by a crowd.

Judge Edwin Novillo told Heshy Tischler that he would be subject to getting arrested again if he had any contact or had someone else get into contact on his behalf with Jewish Insider journalist Jacob Kornbluh.

Tischler was taken into custody in connection with an Oct. 7 protest.

Large protests erupted in Brooklyn last week after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new restrictions on schools, businesses and houses of worship in areas where infection rates have increased.

The rules limit indoor prayer services in certain areas to no more than 10 people.

In the view of many Orthodox Jews in New York whose areas were hit hard and early by the pandemic, city and state officials stoked tension with their handling of new restrictions. One Orthodox group Agudath Israel, filed a federal court challenge saying the constraints make it impossible for Orthodox Jews to meet their religious obligations.