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G Thing: Harlem Children's Zone soon-to-be CEO takes his own positive education experience with him to help his kids grow

Posted at 11:12 PM, Jun 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-13 18:16:12-04

HARLEM, Manhattan — The Harlem Children's Zone is a nonprofit organization that operates a neighborhood-based system of education and social services.

Their new leader, Kwame Owusu-Kesse, knows a lot about the place — he's been the COO since 2014.

As a leader, he's bring his own experience with education to the group.

He said education changed his life, and in particular, there were two nuns that believed in his potential, gave him a scholarship and influenced his trajectory in life.

"How much love they showered me and my family with, I'll never forget, ever," he said.

And as a leader, that's how he'll do his job.

"I understand tough times, challenging circumstances, you may not get everything right or make right decisions," he said. "I'm not hear to judge you, my job is to love you."