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G Thing: Bronx to open new music hall to educate the community on music, dancing and Bronx culture

Posted at 10:55 PM, Feb 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-28 22:55:47-05

BRONX, New York — The Bronx is a hub for music creation and performance, from jazz to salsa to rap.

And soon, there will be a beautiful new venue where musicians, dancers and entertainers can showcase and amplify the Bronx's rich musical legacy.

We met up with two well-known Bronxites who are helping bring this project to life.

It's a place where music is bringing the community together: the Bronx Music Heritage Center.

The curators behind it? Multi-Grammy nominated band leader and percussionist Bobby Sanabria, and his partner, folklorist Elena Martinez.

The two have brought life back to the cultural scene — like days of past.

“Everything that is cultural about the Bronx happens here. We have music here, we have lectures, film screenings, we have comedy here, music classes for percussion, for piano, capoeira for kids and adults.”

Martinez said kids are amazed by the live performances. It’s a way of living and learning their culture.

“When they get to see live experiences, it's life changing. It’s an important part of everyone's education.”

The Bronx Music Heritage Center is the cultural wing of the non-profit Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation.

It’s been such a success, WHEDco is expanding and opening a mixed-use facility that will include the Bronx Music Hall.

Sanabria is beyond thrilled at expanding what he’s doing.

“The Bronx Music Hall will move to a 250-seat state of the art theater that is multi-use. There will be an amphitheater outside was well so we can do outdoor performances.”

The future Bronx Music Hall will be in the neighborhood bobby actually grew up in.

“It’s exciting because I never in my wildest dreams thought I would come back to my community and giving back in a such a big way. “

The Bronx Music Hall is expected to open this coming November.