Kean concedes after losing to Malinowski by under 5,000 votes

Posted at 9:56 PM, Nov 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-19 21:59:07-05

NEW YORK — New Jersey State Sen. Tom Kean Jr. has conceded his race for the House of Representatives in New Jersey's 7th District, after counting of mail-in ballots finished to show him within 5,000 votes of incumbent Tom Malinowski.

Kean, son of former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean, had held off on making a concession announcement as the race grew closer when the state starting to count mail-in ballots. Malinowski, a Democrat, defeated Kean Jr. with 216,965 votes to Kean's 211,972.

The veteran state senator, who has served the Garden State's 21st Senate District since 2003, made the announcement on Facebook.

"The votes have been counted in NJ-7 and Tom Malinowski has won this election," Kean wrote. "Congressman Malinowski has my congratulations and my commitment for a bipartisan partnership in my capacity in the New Jersey Senate as we both continue to represent New Jersey in difficult times. The 1% margin between Rep. Malinowski and myself demonstrates the desire for strong leadership, but also for the need to find bipartisan solutions to the challenges facing our country right now."

Malinowski claimed victory the day after the election in a tweet, the same day as the Associated Press had called the race.

The district had been represented by Republicans for nearly 40 years when Malinowski ousted Leonard Lance in 2018.