Manhattan 8-year-old boy sells drawings, raises PPE funds for health care heroes

Posted at 5:24 PM, Aug 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-18 20:03:50-04

MANHATTAN — A Manhattan 8-year-old boy is using his love of drawing raise money for personal protective equipment and help front-line heroes.

Ethan Goldsmith is an mini artist for hire. He takes requests on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, with the help of his mom, to create personalized drawings of health care heroes.

Goldsmith charges $20 or more a drawing. He donates a majority of the proceeds to GetUsPPE, a nonprofit that has already helped raise enough money to deliver over 2.5 million pieces of personal protective equipment to hospitals and homeless shelters across the country.

“With the second wave coming, the need is just as dire," GetUsPPE Deputy Director Adriane Kiss said. "For someone like Ethan to draw attention to the cause, his generosity, we really value that."

Goldsmith's mom and her sister, Dr. Allyson Ocean, came up with the idea, after Goldsmith drew a picture to honor his aunt. They thought his portraits would generate some interest, but as the requests started pouring in, the 8-year-old boy's little project started to raise hundreds of dollars.

“I’m helping people and I’m raising money. If you want to help people during this time, think of something you are good at and do it,” urged Goldsmith.

Goldsmith's message is simple: every little bit helps. He wants to remind people, through his incredible artwork, that doctors and medical professionals still need PPE.

“Make the world a better place, period,” he said.

If you would like a drawing, click here or here.