Long Island businesses await reopening

Posted at 8:07 PM, May 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-23 22:16:42-04

GARDEN CITY, L.I. — Strip malls have been pretty empty since non-essential businesses were forced to shut down.

Now, Long Island is getting ready to start reopening.

“Absolutely, everyone’s happy," said Valentina Janek, who wrote a book that helps people who got fired get new jobs.

She says businesses need to reopen and people need to work.

“Now we are in a situation where everybody got the boot,” she added.

Long Island is set to begin Phase 1 of reopening next week. It wouldn’t be business as usual but it would allow retail stores to reopen for curbside pick up. It will also allow all construction projects in to move forward.

“I think the state definitely needs it. I think people also need it. It gives them hope It gives them something to look forward," Janek said.

There are four phases of reopening and during his daily press briefing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that Long Island is on track for phase 1 of reopening.

“At this rate we could we open by Wednesday,” he said.

Reopening is based on metrics including declining hospitalizations and deaths. In the past 24 hours in Nassau County, there were only five COVID-related deaths.

“The silver lining in that number is that number continues to go down and that is one of our very important metrics for getting to Phase 1," Cuomo added.

Face masks and social distancing seem to be working on Long Island. Of the 4000 people tested in Nassau County Friday, only 118 people were positive for the virus. That is less than 3%.