Latest coronavirus updates in New York: Monday, June 1, 2020

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Posted at 5:48 AM, Jun 01, 2020
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NEW YORK — Below you will find the most up-to-date information on coronavirus news impacting New York. You can find additional resources and coverage on our coronavirus page.

11:30 a.m.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo held his daily COVID-19 briefing. Watch in full below.

Breaking Updates:

  • Numbers of COVID-19 hospitalizations, intubations and new cases hospitalized continue to drop, Cuomo says.
  • New York reports 54 new coronavirus deaths.
  • New York did about 50,000 tests Sunday, with less than 1,000 testing positive. The governor says this is the lowest daily number of positive results since the pandemic began.

Reopening Updates:

  • Western New York expected to move into Phase 2 of reopening Tuesday.
  • Capital Region expected to move into Phase 2 on Wednesday.

Protests in NY:

  • A few scattered arrests in protests Sunday in Upstate New York, Cuomo says.
  • "I stand with the protesters," Cuomo proclaims.
  • Cuomo says he’s talking to Mayor Bill de Blasio about a curfew for New York City today.
  • Cuomo says the looting and criminality will undermine peaceful protests and their original message.
  • Critics will now focus on the looting and destruction instead of the real message of the original protests, the governor says.
  • The NYPD should have enough personnel to deal with city protests, but the National Guard is on standby in case it is needed, Cuomo says
  • The governor warns that mass exposures, like protests, can advance coronavirus.
  • We might not know the effects of mass gatherings on COVID-19 numbers for weeks, Cuomo says.

Cuomo positive reform agenda:

  • National ban on excessive force and choke holds by police
  • Independent investigations of police abuse cases
  • Disciplinary records disclosed of police officers being investigated
  • Education equality
  • Anti-poverty agenda
  • A real national affordable housing plan

9:30 a.m.
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio holds his daily coronavirus briefing following a weekend of unrest and protests. Watch in video below.

  • Overall, peaceful protest was handled the way the city wanted.
  • Looting: It will not be allowed in NYC. We will address that very aggressively.
  • Situations where police acted inappropriately. It’s “rare,” but still unacceptable.
  • Video of two police cars moving through crowds. “I tried to express that reality while saying it’s not acceptable.”
  • “It is dangerous, it is unacceptable.” Incident is under investigation.
  • “There are some that do not belong in this job.” “there are some people that harbor racism” they should not be in this job.
  • Incident where an officer pulled a gun on crowds. “That was absolutely unacceptable.” Circumstances are not known, but it will be looked into. Officer should have gun and badge removed today. Investigation is underway.
  • If an officer is not right for a community, they should be removed from the community. Any officer that is wearing an officer and shouldn’t be, should be removed.
  • Chiara de Blasio arrest: We asked her to recount the incident. She believes everything she did was done in the spirit of peaceful protest.
  • Commissioner Shea: Overall peaceful. The largest concentration around Barclay’s Center and near Union Square.
  • As night came (8:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.), we saw a shift with people looting. Still tallying up arrests and injuries. No loss of life.
  • Officers will continue to be out there.
  • Any curfew? Do not believe a curfew is not a right strategy, but it is being considered as an option.
  • Criticism of being too pro-police: I know we’ve done something different in the past few years. We are making profound change, but we need to do more.
  • Did you think Chiara did anything wrong “I trust my daughter.” “She cares for other people.” “She’s also been an activist in other ways” "She believes she was following the instructions of police officers."
  • “We do not want people trying to create violence in our communities.” If they do, they’ll be confronted and told to leave.
  • How do you know who the outside agitators are? We have made arrests, we also have seen a variety of open sources that show outside agitators that are rallying other people to do these bad things.
  • Concern for rise of COVID-19 cases: Just a few days ago, we were entirely focused on the pandemic. Overwhelmingly, the majority of the people he spoke with had concerns over health, money, etc. We have two realities that are colliding.

Latest official numbers:
As of Monday morning, there were 370,770 confirmed COVID-19 cases in New York, with the death toll rising to 23,905.

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The New York state coronavirus hotline is 1-888-364-3065; information is also being posted here