How will NYC schools work in the fall? Education Department shares new details

Posted at 7:43 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-10 13:43:38-04

NEW YORK — New school reopening plans released by the Department of Education Tuesday detail just how different days will look for students and teachers.

New York City has planned for a blended learning approach to reopening schools in the next academic year, which includes a mix of in-person and remote learning for all grade levels. Parents can also opt to continue remote learning for their children.

Students in both programs will get live instruction each day, officials said. Younger students will get the live instruction in short intervals of 15-20 minutes. Older students will have longer lessons.

Lunch time will also look different. Students will eat in their classrooms during scheduled instructional periods. Younger students will have a lesson that is "fun, engaging and enriching," officials said. Middle and high school students "will engage with instruction related to the content area of the class."

Class schedules will be posted online so that parents can plan for their work commitments

“Health and safety come first, and thanks to New York City’s incredible teachers, staff and families, our kids will receive the high-quality instruction they deserve this fall both remotely and in person," an Education Department spokeswoman said. "We are rolling out instructional guidance to our schools based on what we learned this spring and summer for students who are fully remote and for those learning in a blended environment. While there will be some key differences between the two learning models, the expectation for high-quality instruction that is culturally responsive and rigorous remain the same as they always have across the board, for all students."