COVID-19 through eyes of doctor who recovered from virus

Posted at 9:29 AM, Apr 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-08 09:29:46-04

NEW YORK — A doctor who was on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak ended up in the hospital battling the virus himself. Now, he’s recovered and returning to work.

Dr. Jake Deutsch, with Cure Urgent Care NYC, became sick while testing people for coronavirus and was hospitalized with pneumonia in both lungs.

“It literally knocked me out,” he told PIX11’s Dan Mannarino. “This was the worst health experience of my life.”

Deutsch was able to make a full recovery, and now he’s back to testing those who fear the worst. He said about 90% of the patients the center sees are COVID-19 positive.

And he also has a little advice for those who do become sick.

“My advice for everybody is to have a little bit of patience. Most people are going to get better. Most people have mild symptoms,” he said. “Make sure you’re giving it adequate time to understand that you are improving and not to get overly concerned because you are having lingering symptoms … but certainly people having severe symptoms like difficulty breathing, chest pains, those are indications that you might need to seek medical care.”