Could NY coronavirus cases peak or plateau? Cuomo says next few days of data crucial

Posted at 12:46 PM, Apr 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-05 18:00:21-04

NEW YORK — New York could be either very near its peak number of coronavirus cases or it has hit a plateau that could continue at this rate for a while, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday.

The governor said data collected over the next few days will be crucial to understanding where New York’s outbreak trajectory stands.

“There’s a difference of opinion on what happens when you hit the apex,” Cuomo said. “Is the apex a point or is the apex a plateau?”

Some experts believe it’s possible the number of cases hits a high point and then stays high for a period of time before it drops, the governor said.

“There’s a difference of opinion,” he added. “You could argue that you're seeing a slight plateauing in the data, which obviously would be good news.”

The death toll rose on Sunday to 4,159 people as the statewide number of cases climbed to more than 122,000. But while the state recorded an increase in cases and fatalities, the number of coronavirus deaths per day dropped, according to the data.

  • April 2: 562 deaths
  • April 3: 630 deaths
  • April 4: 594 deaths

“What is the significance of that? It’s too early to tell,” Cuomo said. “You have to look at three or four days to see a pattern.”

The total number of new hospitalizations is also lower than previous daily counts, Cuomo said, adding that admissions are down while the discharge rate has gone up.

“We’re looking at this seriously now because by the data, we could be either very near the apex or the apex could be a plateau and we could be on that plateau right now,” Cuomo said. “We won't know until you see the next few days — does it go up, does it go down.”

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