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Tips for how to survive the weekend inside

Posted at 6:55 PM, Mar 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-20 18:55:15-04

NEW YORK — Whether it’s self-isolation or social distancing, it’s on the agenda for many this weekend.

But if the internet has taught us anything — exploring the “indoors” ain’t that bad.

From action to comedy, streaming services like Netflix have rolled out a boat load of new content.

It’s the best time if any, according to Yahoo Lifestyle's Kerry Justich, to discover and binge.

“I know that our favorite over at Yahoo! has been ‘Cheer,’” she said. “Its great to just binge, it’s perfect for this time, it’s uplifting it’s spirited of course.”

If it’s music that floats your boat, platforms like Tidal are offering free access this weekend for their biggest exclusives that you can’t find anywhere else.
Just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be anti-social — it’s the concept behind virtual “Cocktail Hour,” the new trend where friends and strangers connect over the video conferencing platform Zoom.

It’s a place to chat, connect and even learn a few tricks from the guest bartender. You can even tip them on Venmo.

Brooklyn writer Jackie Summers recently hosted his first cocktail hour and it won’t be his last.

“What really gets people to the bar is not the alcohol what gets people to the bar is the opportunity to socialize to meet your friends to meet somebody new,” Summers said.

“We still have that opportunity but we could do it now in the comfort and the safety of our own homes.”

And don’t forget to stay active

Personal trainers like Manhattan-based “grassroots fitness project” have gone digital, offering workouts to just about everyone in the family.

“With our kids virtual fitness, they’re all on the screen together and it’s awesome because we are based in New York City and we have kids from DC, we have kids from Florida that are calling in and these kids are getting to see other kids from other states,” trainer Heather Gunn-Rivera said.

While you tackle the indoors, experts say to develop some sort of structure. Schedule those activities and start a flow.

Some even say to rearrange some furniture in order to create a different environment.