Belmar opens beach ahead of Memorial Day

Posted at 5:27 PM, May 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-16 17:27:02-04

BELMAR, N.J. — Beaches along the jersey shore will officially be opened on Friday, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

But some towns have already opened up their beaches, including Belmar.

Daniel Martinez brought her kids and 65-year-old mother to the beach in Belmar this Saturday. They brought and wore their masks too but were concerned that many others aren't.

“I feel safer at home," she said. “I feel a little upset people aren’t following what we do.” After a short time, they packed up and went home.

Kathleen Hawks was also unhappy with how others weren't following the social distancing guidelines.

“I’m upset because this is the first time I came out, there are thousands of people here. You, me and the Girls Scouts lady are the only ones with masks on.”

Many were out taking in the sun, laying on the sand and listening to the waves crash with their families and masks. Jay Alicea was practicing social distancing.

“We try to stay away from everyone as safe as we can and stay safe,” he said

But there were many who weren’t.

“It’s very uncomfortable seeing people with no masks on coming so close to us,” said Matteo Pinero.

One beachgoer, shouted this to us, when we asked about a mask.

“I don’t want the tan lines.”

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy today encouraging everyone to wear a face-covering if they’re out, adding there are over 100 more COVID-19 related death in the state, bringing the death toll to 10,249.

Back in Belmar, the mayor says the amount of people will continue to be limited and those who don’t comply with social distancing guidelines will be fined and asked to leave.