MaskClub donates masks to health care workers for every mask they sell to the public

Posted at 6:23 PM, Apr 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-20 18:23:43-04

NEW YORK — Trevor George’s company, Trevco, made licensed apparel, posters and home goods with designs that included everything from superheroes to Hello Kitty.

His business took a major hit when the coronavirus pandemic swept across the nation.

“Our sales dipped pretty significantly, about 50 percent,” said George.

Then the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started recommending everyone wear masks outside.

“We have an eight month old,” explained George, “and we had to go to the hospital, not COVID related, and we were wearing medical masks and you could see the fear in an eight month old’s eyes, let alone someone who relatively knows what’s going on.”

His wife and business partner suggested they find a way to do more.

“My wife said there’s got to be something you can do with the brands that you work with... and help at the same time,” said George.

So the couple launched MaskClub, and within a week started making affordable and reusable face masks with their licensed designs.

“This ‘Hello Kitty’ design is very popular... Batman for the guys,” explained George.

You can buy a subscription and get a new mask every month or got to the website and purchase just one. George says the reaction to MaskClub has been great so far.

“Thousands upon thousands of orders,” said George.

MaskClub donated 5,000 medical-grade masks to first responders when they launched the site and will continue to donate a mask for each one they sell going forward.

"So we partnered with the First Responders Children`s Foundation and we source a medical grade version of our mask, not a printed one, but one that first responders can use more reliably on the front lines,” explained George.

MaskClub is also providing jobs across the country at a time when unemployment is hitting record highs. Their masks are made in North Carolina and distributed out of the Trevco warehouse in Michigan.

“Like most companies in America we initially had to furlough many people but thankfully to this we were able to bring a lot of those people back,” said George.

MaskClub also helps to make sure those medical grade masks remain available for healthcare workers who desperately need them by giving the public a reusable option. George and his wife found a way to make a pivot with their business while also giving back at the same time.

"I think that if you can’t find the balance to help at the same time, then you`re not trying hard enough. I think in a moment like this, there shouldn`t be a reason why you can’t’” explained George.

George thinks their masks can make this new normal easier for kids too. He said their young child feels more at ease when he sees superhero or cartoon designs on the masks his mommy and daddy wear outside.

If you want to check out what MaskClub has to offer, you can check out their website by clicking here