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NY COVID report card publicly discloses coronavirus data within schools, districts

NYC schools coronavirus protocols
Posted at 1:42 PM, Sep 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-08 18:48:21-04

NEW YORK — As the academic year begins and schools reopen across New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo ensured parents and educators that they will have constant access to information regarding a school’s COVID prevention plan.

Cuomo signed an executive order to ensure schools, local health departments, labs and all testing properly collect and disclose data.

The governor said it is crucial to track the infection rate within schools and districts to determine any COVID-19 spreads in a community.

“Parents and teachers are anxious. They have been all throughout this,” he said.

“They want to make sure their child doesn’t get sick.”

The state will publicly disclose a COVID report card for every school.

Each day, school districts will need to inform the Department of Health and disclose how many tests were taken, what kind of tests were administered and results, according to Cuomo.

Any parent who wants to know how their child’s school is doing with implementing their COVID-19 plans can log onto the website.

The website will be maintained by the state, Cuomo said.

The following data will be made available on the site:

  • Positive cases by date of students and staff by school and district
  • Whether school/district and student/staff are remote, in-person or hybrid.
  • Number of students/staff in on site
  • Percentage of on-site students and staff who test positive.
  • Number of tests administered by the school, and if there is a test lag
  • Date of last submission and update.

Once reporting begins, the report card will go live at

School buildings across the state opened its doors for classes for the first time in nearly six months. While many students and schools have opted to begin their academic year through fully remote learning, other schools and districts have opted for the hybrid model learning where students learn remotely and in-person.