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G Thing: 90-year-old New Jersey Nana goes viral with her 'Quarantini'

Posted at 10:59 PM, May 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-22 22:59:20-04

NEW JERSEY — People cope with isolation in different ways.

Some binge watch, some create... and some go viral. That's what happened for one New Jersey grandma, who decided to make a 'Quarantini' and shake it up.

Nana Kay has become a master mixologist taking TikTok by storm with her Quarantini. That little video took flight.

“I was making this Quantini martini and I was going shake, shake, shake then all of a sudden I was with John Krasinski and Stanley Tucci making a drink,” she said.

Kay's grandson, Joey, got her involved in TikTok as a way to help get through a difficult time, losing her son to cancer back in April.

And so, her family, including Stoli vodka wanted to make sure that her milestone birthday, turning 90, was unforgettable just like her by throwing her a car parade.

“All these cars, passing, beeping, yelling Nana, Nana happy birthday, god bless. I was so overwhelmed, I was crying. I never had so much attention.”

And we had to ask what her favorite drink is now that's she a mixologist, and she told us... it's actually water.