Western Governors University an affordable online college

10:13 AM, Oct 05, 2020

We all know attending college is expensive from tuition, books, supplies, housing and transportation, it adds up.

But one college, which you can attend from home, has found a way to reduce those extra costs fitting not only your budget but your goals.

Western Governors University founded in 1997 has always been 100-percent online. But that's not the only thing that make this institution unique. WGU’S Reginal Vice President, Rebecca L. Watts explains. “Our biggest uniqueness is our competency-based approach whereby every student moves at his or her own pace.”

Students can start WGU on the first of the any month throughout the year, they then move on as they master each course.

Wendell Thomas says that’s one of the things that attracted him to WGU. “I love the idea of working at my own pace and going to school at my own pace.”

Samantha Moran who works full time says going to a traditional college with set class time was not ideal. “Being in healthcare and on my feet all the time, I’m able to come home and take my classes when it fits my schedule, it’s amazing for me.”

One of the goals of WGU was to make it accessible for people of all ages. With four core colleges; business, health and nursing, teaching and I.T. the options are limitless, but the cost per year is not, running about $7,000 for the entire year, with no extra costs like books or housing.

If you'd like to learn more about Western Governors University click on this link to Western Governors University or call 866-225-5948

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