UnitedHealthcare wants to help you sign up for Medicare

12:12 PM, Nov 30, 2020

TIME TO SIGN UP FOR MEDICARE — If you're trying to make retirement less worrisome and save on health costs, it's time to sign up for Medicare. And if you're like many, you've got a big booklet in front of you, thinking, where do I start?

This morning, UnitedHealthcare is helping break down the key things you need to know when signing up for your Medicare benefits.

A healthy life is a good life and taking care of yourself means it's time to start thinking about your health insurance benefits. I sat down with UnitedHealthcare's Executive Director of Medicare and Retirement in New York, Laura Mongeon, who says you've earned the benefits-now it's time to ensure you receive the care you need. “Choosing a Medicare plan is one of the most important decisions a person can make, not only for their health and wellbeing but for their budget.”

Who's eligible for Medicare? Seniors who are 65 years old, or those who are younger and have certain disabilities.

“Signing up doesn't have to be complicated first, most important thing is we're here to help.”

Set aside time to really focus on what will be the best coverage for you because not all health care plans are one-size-fits all. “Take a look at what your current plan has to offer. It’s really important for people to take the time you need between now and December 7th to make sure they understand their plan.”

Some key things Laura says to consider: Are your primary doctors and specialists in the plan? Are medications covered? Are hearing, dental and vision care coverage important to you?

“One of the most important things is that they have access to care they need with the current pandemic or from home in a telehealth visit. It’s what meets their needs overall and what they feel comfortable with.”

Open enrollment for Medicare ends on December 7th.

To find out more about UnitedHealthcare plans call the number on your screen, or head to uhcmedicarehealthplans.com.

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