CFSC offers discount on cashing stimulus checks

11:09 AM, Apr 01, 2020

THE BRONX — It's time for your money, and one company is doing all they can to keep more money in your pocket during these difficult times.

Community Financial Service Centers is now offering a discount on cashing stimulus checks.

They said it's all part of keeping the cash flowing in the communities hardest hit.

It's business as usual at CFSC in the Bronx.

Community Financial Service Centers are essential low-cost cash checking facilities.

Yahaira Guzman, who is the regional manager, said they keep the economy going.

“We provide services like cashing checks, selling money orders, bill payment, sending money, currency exchange, gift cards and a lot more services.”

But they provide so much more to the communities they serve.

Daroyl Lewis has been a customer of the Kingsbridge store for 10 years and the self-appointed door man. He said it’s not just about the services, it’s about the community.

“It's convenient, it's in my neighborhood, and I get along with people know the very well. Sometimes I just come to socialize.”

Chrystal Melvin, who is the CFSC Kingsbridge manager said their business is about building relationships. “It’s the community, the environment, this make me happy to see a smile on a customer's face, it makes my day.”

During this pandemic, they are giving back to their customers by offering a discount on cashing stimulus checks. “We are going to charge a 1.5% for all customers, you don’t have to be a customer from the area.”

According to Yahaira Guzman, it's a service that is just part of what they do to help the community that is more like family.

In treating the customers like family, they are making sure they’re safe when they enter all Community Financial Service Centers throughout New York and New Jersey.

“The customers are noticing we're practicing social distancing, and we're always cleaning, making sure it's a clean environment for them and that they're comfortable. We are here to service our customers.”

It all comes down to a company here to help the community when they most need it.

CFSC has 85 locations throughout the New York boroughs, and northern New Jersey. For more information or to find a location near you, check out

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