CFSC helps people with their financial needs during the pandemic

1:59 PM, May 06, 2020

It's estimated that 140 million Americans will receive a stimulus check, expecting either $1200 or $2400. And while some of you may already have your money, there are some who may be having issues accessing their cash.

May bills are due, and many people are still waiting to get their stimulus money. CFSC is a hub for cashing checks and helping people with their financial needs, and number one on customer's minds- where is their check from the government. Gina Palumbo, from CFSC explains how they are helping customers. “We've helped customers go online, those who particularly didn't receive a refund and aren't sure where or when their checks will be coming. Our tellers are there to help them navigate through the system go on the site and work through issues so we can get their check.”

Many clients are registered through SecureCheck which is a great option for them to receive their stimulus check or other government benefits by direct deposit to a CFSC location. That allows customers to receive their benefits much sooner than through the mail. “For instance, seniors, get social security checks, if they register with us through the SecureCheck system they'll get that check 4 days early.”

CFSC also helps their clients pay other bills. “They can come in and pay utility bills, gas, electric, phone bills with us and it will be electronically paid.”

CFSC lso offers personal debit cards in which unemployment, stimulus funds or payroll can be directly deposited. “Then those cards can be used like a prepaid debit card an can be used online for purchasing which is great with social distancing so they not in the stores that much.”

Right now CFSC is offering a deep discount of 1.5% to cash your stimulus check. That`s 32% less than regular rates.
They have 85 locations throughout the New York boroughs, and northern New Jersey and most are open 24 hours a day-and all are open on weekends.
If you'd like more information or to find a location near year- check out

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