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Bagel hero: LI store clerk drives hours to return a woman’s forgotten keys

Posted at 9:38 PM, Nov 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-18 21:45:05-05

MIDDLE ISLAND, NY — A daily trip to a Long Island bagel shop took a disastrous turn for one woman.

A bagel store employee drove hours to return keys to a woman who’d left them behind. (Gina Sulrzycki)

Diana Chong stopped by Bagels 101 in Middle Island one recent morning, sister Gina Sulrzycki wrote on Facebook. Chong’s minivan was running and her husband and kids were waiting inside as she ran in for the bagels.

The minivan has a start button and it wasn’t until they hit Honesdale, PA that she realized she didn’t have the keys.

Bagels 101 worker “Vinny was going to overnight the keys, but no mail carrier delivers on Sundays and we all have work on Monday,” Sulrzycki wrote. There were no dealerships around to make new keys and the family couldn’t get a rental.

That’s when Vinny made a kind offer. He said he’d drive the 3.5 hours to bring Chong her keys.

“He is a godsend,” Sulrzycki wrote on Facebook. “If you go into Bagels 101 please tell Vinny Happy Thanksgiving, because today, we give thanks to him for being BEYOND kind!”

Bagels 101 gave Vinny a shoutout on their Facebook page.

“We at Bagels 101 are extremely lucky to have Vinny as our employee. He goes over and beyond every day. This world needs a lot more people like you Vinny. Thank you for all you do.”