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Google ‘awards’ subway lines for 2019 performance

Posted at 8:20 AM, Nov 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-05 10:11:38-05

NEW YORK — Train delays, hot subway stations, dirty subway cars — We’ve all had some sort of experience on the subway.

While we were suffering through these inconveniences this past summer, Google was busy putting New York City’s subway system to the test.

The company is now handing out “awards” for the MTA’s performance underground.

The “awards” come a few months after the tech giant’s Pigeon app had live transit data on LIRR, NJ Transit, PATH and MetroNorth in addition to the subway, ferry and bus lines.

The app, often crowdsources from New Yorkers in real-time, provides info on all information from delays, crowds, reroutes to dangerous and dirty conditions.

Through Pigeon, Google released data on the busiest and dirtiest subway lines during summer 2019.

Here are the “winners”:

  • The line with the most rush-hour delays
    • The F line had the highest number delay reports during rush hour.
  • The most crowded subway line
    • The A line had the highest number of train crowd reports.
  • The dirtiest subway line
    • The no. 1 line had the highest number of reports related to dirtiness.
  • The grumpiest subway line
    • The F line had the highest number of reports with negative sentiment.
  • The hottest station
    • The Union Square Station had the highest number of heat-related reports.