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Metro-North lost and found may have your items

Posted at 9:29 AM, Oct 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-19 09:30:04-04

MIDTOWN, Manhattan — Have you ever been on the train, put a bag overhead and forgot it? It happens countless times a day! But all hope is not lost.

We're taking you inside the Metro-North Lost and Found where thousands of items are recovered and ready for your retrieval.

It's iconic, the hustle and bustle of Grand Central Terminal. Underground in between tracks 100 and the Police Department is a ray of light for many, the Metro-North Lost and Found.

Vinnie Perito left his Kindle behind on a Metro-North train and it ended up here. “I got an email 3 days after filing a claim, so I came down here and here it is. I wish I had these odds in other things in life.”

The Metro-North Lost and Found houses thousands of items from wallets, bikes, strollers, purses and so much more which are all categorized and ready for pick up.

John Daly the assistant director of service quality for Metro-North says the most surprising thing he’s seen here are some prosthetic limbs.

When it comes to coats-they have installed a full size moving clothing rack. As for other valuables like wallets they're kept in the safe.

So how do you get your items back?  Go to MTA.INFO, Then click on Metro-North Lost and Found and then submit in inquiry.

You'd be surprised at how many items are returned, but you only have 90 days to pick it up.

After that it's pack up-and shipped to an Alabama company that buys the unclaimed items.

John credits the Metro-North employees, the field crews and coach cleaners who he says are the best in the business making sure all that is lost is found.

One important tip from John, is to make sure you can describe your items. For example, saying you lost a black iphone, is not helpful! And if you have a black iphone you may want to put a sticker on it, something to make it stand out.

He also says bikes are often not recovered. If you left a bike on the train more than likely it's in the Metro-North Lost and Found.