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Scenic guide to fall foliage

Posted at 5:32 PM, Oct 18, 2019
and last updated 2020-08-22 21:10:48-04

With autumn in full swing, there are plenty of places to check out fall foliage.

It’s a phenomenon that happens every year. Leaves transform from a vibrant green to vivid rustic shades in Autumn. This year’s fall foliage was a bit delayed due to the above-normal temperatures and drought at the start of the season.

But as temperatures begin to dip and the days grow shorter, leaf-peepers can expect those robust colors to return. It also makes the perfect backdrop for those instagram snapshots. When it comes to understanding the science behind why leaves change in the fall, it has everything to do with the sun’s power.

The rustic-colored leaves are always there. But during the summer months, leaves produce chlorophyll. It’s the main ingredient necessary for photosynthesis, which is how plants absorb energy from the sun.

As the days grow shorter in the fall, chlorophyll levels decrease exposing beautiful those bright shades. But whether you choose to escape the city or absorb the colors in Central Park, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy them.