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‘Banksy of monuments’ dupes unsuspecting tourists with latest work

Posted: 7:41 PM, Oct 11, 2019
Updated: 2019-10-11 19:44:17-04

NEW YORK — It has both tourists and locals gazing in wonder.

A statue at Battery Park that captures a slice of New York history. It honors those who go missing each year, attacked by the wolves that lurk in city parks. Those wolves were released into the city’s subway system by the Koch administration back in the 80s as a way to deter graffiti artists from tagging the subway cars.

If it sounds crazy – that’s because it is. While Mayor Ed Koch famously suggested unleashing wolves into rail yards — it never happened. But it’s just the right amount of inspiration for artist Joseph Reginella.

The Staten Island-based sculptor better known as the “Banksy of monuments” has erected masterpieces over the years. Each are accompanied by a tall tale and PSA, and all have surfaced at local parks. The latest piece is far from disappointing

“I just had one of the park guys come and tell me that somebody found out about it and they emailed them later on,” Reginella explained. “They were perturbed saying that we should’ve been warned about this Wolf problem.”

The annual social experiment still has the same goal: encouraging tourists to do their due diligence.

“I’m just putting a little sci-fi in with their tourism and making it fun for them or as the old timers say – “making it nice.”

The monument from the Ed Koch Wolf Foundation will be out and about and on display at a number of local parks for the next few weeks,  weather permitting.

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