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G Thing: GRIT BXNG, a new fitness studio that combines working out with socializing

Posted at 11:29 PM, Oct 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 23:29:53-04

UNION SQUARE — New York is always on the cutting edge, whether its food or fashion and fitness is no different.

We’re taking you inside the newest workout studio where sweating as well as socializing are equally as important.

GRIT BXNG is the hottest new workout in Union Square lead by world class instructors who are here to motivate and inspire the clients. It's boxing, treadmills and strength training all in one class. It's a high energy class that keeps you on your toes.

The man behind this mega hit, Bill Zanker, is the same man who created the Learning Annex.

He and his two children saw a need to make working out fun, but also social. Dylan Zanker went to school in Spain and brought back ideas from there.

“I was going to the biggest nightclubs in Europe and wanted to bring that vibe to GRIT BXNG.

Bill Zanker said they saw what was missing in fitness studios, and it was a place to socialize with folks after class.

“We created a place where you can hang out after. It’s the 3rd space it's a bar you can order mocktails or cocktails and get to know the people in your class.”

The clients are raving about it, saying it’s electric, fun and it’s building a community like they’ve never experienced before.

The instructor, Anthony Crouchelli, even hangs out after class.

“People want to be seen and want to know they are enough every day and we give that to them.”

One interesting note, GRIT BXNG pays some of their instructors $1,000 a class! They say you have to pay top dollar to get and keep the best!

The Zanker family is hoping to open GRIT BXNG studios in around the world.