Ruby Love’s innovative products are helping women and girls of all ages

Posted at 9:09 AM, Sep 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-24 09:09:30-04

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN — One local woman's frustration led her to a $10 million business. Crystal Etienne created an underwear and swimwear line with leak-proof protection, and many are calling it a "life-changer."

Crystal started Ruby Love when she found there were no products on the market geared towards pad users, and for people who — she says — did not want to insert a foreign object into their body.

So 4 years ago, she invested 25-thousand-dollars of her own money, quit her day job as a financial controller and developed underwear which holds an absorbent pad and provides leak-proof protection.

“Some women suffer from back side and front leaks, and our dry mesh stops that immediately," she says of the technology in the underwear line.

Her biggest challenge in starting Ruby Love? “Getting people to take my panty with a hole seriously.”

Now with 7 different categories of products, that 25-thousand-dollar investment has turned into a $10 million company.

Crystal now employees 42 people on Long Island — the majority of whom are women.

In addition to, underwear, swimwear, and pajamas, she's also created a line for men as well. But one of the items she's most proud of is the "First Period Kit", which she says opens communication between moms and daughters.

“I feel like if you speak to a young girl we will have better women's health in the future,” she said.

As for the name, Ruby Love, Crystal says "Ruby" is a precious gem, and Love is for the love women feel for her product.