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East Harlem mural shows neighborhoods diverse roots with wide range of talented artists

Posted: 5:49 PM, Sep 07, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-07 17:49:55-04

EAST HARLEM, Manhattan — Using construction panels as their canvas, 20 artist set out to transform 125th Street by turning drab plywood into vibrant works of art and celebrating the history and culture of East Harlem.

"It feels great to have my work on display right here on 125th," said artist Charlie Elo, who was spray-painting a lion in the concrete jungle.

The artists ranged from established pros to creative young visionaries, like 8 year old Jerellin Rodriguez, who likes to spread joy with each brush stroke.

"People do art because people get to see how people draw and make a happy picture."

Local artists will paint fencing that spans 3 blocks over the next couple or Saturday's.

The massive mural is organized by Uptown Grand Central, a nonprofit dedicated to transforming the thriving corridor by delivering programs that put advocacy into action through collaborations with businesses, residents and neighborhood organizations across East Harlem.

"The goal is to create a mural that supports and uplifts the community so all the artwork that you see is the artist's vision of things that support the people who pass through these crossroads," said Carey King, director of Uptown Grand Central.

"To me, they're gorgeous," said Jake Minaya. "They're all different, representing Harlem. I like it. I love it."