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Hidden NY: ‘The 18th Room’ inspired by Prohibition

Posted at 8:13 AM, May 31, 2019
and last updated 2020-01-10 03:31:43-05

You can’t just walk into ‘The 18th Room’ — You’ve got to find it first.

If you get your coffee from Elena at the Stone Street Coffee stand on 9th Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets, you’re getting close.

Check out where they keep their coffee supplies next door, and you’re almost there.

When you find the secret door, they’ll buzz you in.

Welcome to ‘The 18th Room’, a speakeasy inspired by Prohibition and the 18thAmendment.

Dave Oz loves the intrigue. “People ask, they look in and ask is this another coffee shop, what’s going on?”

Dave owns the Stone Street Coffee shop and the speakeasy  ‘Bathtub Gin’ behind that. He also owns the coffee supply storefront and this brand new speakeasy behind that.

That sounds like a lot going on at once, but this place has a zen feel; and Dave and his bartender Brendan, are on a mission.

They make sustainable cocktails.

Dave explains, “It’s about being conscious about the environment, and that’s how we are.  It’s very important personally for me so I was happy to be able to bring it to the bar here.  We have a no waste policy so we use ingredients for multiple drinks and food.”

Brendan’s the bartender who pulls it all together.

“It’s about making sure sustainability is at the forefront and also that every drink that’s going out is delicious, and you’re getting your money’s worth.”

The concept is going over big in Chelsea.

There’s a no standing room policy around the bar, so you have to reserve and those spots go fast.

The 18th Room is located at 134 9th Avenue at 19th Street.

For reservations, click here.