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Video: Cars screech through the streets of Bay Ridge doing dangerous doughnuts nightly

Posted at 10:10 PM, Apr 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-23 22:10:53-04

BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn — Neighbors say Bay Ridge turns into a "Fast and Furious" movie every night.

Video shows cars doing doughnuts in a cloud of smoke. Some nights, a large group of cars gathers for races. They leave behind tire tracks and burned rubber.

Residents are now teaming up with the local councilman to call attention to this dangerous situation, which is unfolding right by a popular waterfront park.

Almost every evening, the sounds of screeching tires and roaring engines echo across the intersection of Bay Ridge Avenue and Shore Road.

“Basically, we’re trying to go to sleep for work, and they’re coming out here random times at night,” said one neighbor. “It’s dangerous to the community.”

Neighbors said it can start as early as 3 p.m. and extend late into the night.

“I just think one day they’re going to miss the sidewalk and come through my bedroom window,” one man said.

Police from the 68th Precinct increase patrols after complaints— but vanish again following a few days of emphasis.

Local Councilman Justin Brannan said his constituents are rightfully frustrated.

“People drive like this around here because they know they can get away with it, and that’s the problem,” he said.

Brannan is pushing for more police involvement, but admits solving the situation won’t be simple.

“It’s not just enforcement,” Brannan said. “It’s better awareness, and street design, and it’s people realizing that when they get behind the wheel of the car they are not the only person on the planet that matters.”