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Posted at 6:02 PM, Mar 15, 2019
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NEW YORK -- Juana Narvaez and Guadeloupe Moreno say they don’t have consistent heat or hot water -- so with the assistance of the Red Hook initiative, they reached out to PIX11 for help.

Narvaez and Moreno live in two different buildings at the same development at the Red Hook houses east in Brooklyn.

Narveaz says she sleeps with her dog, Sandy, to stay warm.

“She is the best and cutest heater,” Narveaz, said. "But it’s still freezing in my apartment.”

Moreno did have heat in the kitchen, but no hot water when PIX11 visited.

A NYCHA spokesperson says they will have staff visit both apartments and look into these complaints.

As of Friday, the heat and hot water was restored.

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Minerva Venetal is a grandmother of three who lives at the Holmes towers in Yorkville.

Venetal says she just finished battling colon cancer and now she needs her rest, but instead she is fighting an invasion of bugs.

“They are not roaches. They are human," Venetal said. "They are very smart. They stare at you and when you get up to hit them they run and they come right back out. I was sitting in my couch and roaches were falling from the ceiling."

Venetal says she believes the source of problem is just across the hallway in an empty apartment.

“My neighbor passed away six or seven months ago," Venetal said. "They put a lock and nobody has come to clean it. You see the roaches coming out. And the other day a little animal with a lot of legs came out."

Venetal’s neighbors say their apartments are being invaded by bugs too.

“I saw a roach in my coffee cup. I clean it. It’s my favorite cup,” said Jose Cruceta.

A NYCHA spokesperson tells us routine inspections and exterminations are performed regularly by staff. Staff checked hallways on the 19th floor today and found no issues.

Staff created a new work order for extermination and will work with Venetal to schedule additional exterminations.

Any residents experiencing any issues within their apartment, should create a work ticket by using the MyNychaApp or by calling the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771. A NYCHA spokesperson tells us they will continue to work with residents to address their extermination needs.

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