Hidden NY: A hidden brick oven perfect for pizza

Posted at 8:11 AM, Mar 08, 2019
and last updated 2020-02-07 14:30:31-05

BROOKLYN — We all have our favorite place to get a great slice of pizza. Pizza Moto, tucked under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway between Carroll Gardens and Red Hook is home to a miracle.

Pizza Moto has one of the oldest and largest brick ovens in the area, but it’s the journey of finding it that was really the big secret.

Executive Chef David Sclarow was making and selling his pizza out of mobile, wood-fired ovens that he deployed all over the city.

Sclarow started searching for a brick-and-mortar location where he could base his operations.

A broker suggested an old building that once housed John Grace Bakery back in 1860.

“The broker was hinting around that there was maybe a coal oven or an old antique baker’s oven in the back of the store front,” said Sclarow.

“When we walked in the door we saw something post-apocalyptic.”

They got to the kitchen, peeking from behind a piece of drywall and saw a little piece of a cast iron furnace.

They’d found a brick oven, perfect for baking pizzas.

It was well worth the year-long renovation it would take to get the place in shape.

Dave himself had to actually climb into the oven to fix the works.

“There are no bricks so when we got here basically with a little soft scrub and elbow grease, we had the front of the oven looking like it does now.”

The space now houses a beautiful restaurant and the oven where Dave produces a most delicious pizza.

Pizza Moto is located at 338 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn.

For more information and to make reservations, click here.