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Brooklyn mom says she hasn’t had consistent heat for 3 years

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jan 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-15 18:21:06-05

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — Erin Walton from the Hylan Houses in Williamsburg says she wraps her 5-year-old son in several blankets just to keep him warm at night.

“My son likes to be wrapped up like a taco, but it’s not funny. He got really really sick last year. He had bronchitis and he had the flu because of the inconsistent heat and hot water,” said Walton.

It’s been three years and three winters with inconsistent heat, she said.

“When I wake up in the morning, sometimes there’s heat. I’m praying for heat and hot water everyday," she said. "I say 'dear God, will you let me have heat or hot water today to take a shower and wash my son?'”

PIX11 reached out to the New York City Housing Authority. A spokesperson said: "at this time, we are not experiencing a heat or hot water service interruption at Hylan Houses and there are no open work orders. Staff checked the apartment today and temperatures are 77 degrees in the living room, 78 degrees in the bedroom, 78 degrees in the kitchen, which is within legal limits for adequate heat. Just as an FYI, in NYC (Between 6 AM and 10 PM) if the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees, the inside temperature must be at least 68 degrees. Between 10 PM and 6 AM, the inside temperature must be at least 62 degrees at all times. More info here: Anyone experiencing issues in their developments should create a work ticket by using the MyNychaApp or by calling the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771."

PIX11 will be back to check.

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