Long Island mom creates weekend events focused on fun and letting go of fear

Posted: 2:19 PM, Aug 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-13 14:48:57-04

MELVILLE, Long Island -- A Long Island mom has created a way for fellow moms to get together, focus on themselves and tap into their inner children.

They’ve come together -- some meeting for the first time -- for a weekend filled with activities that will push them out of their comfort zones.

"When I look at kids, you know, they have this wild abandon. They don't stop themselves from doing things, they try anything, they fall, they get up. And as we get older, we start to question ourselves, we add fear into it -- 'Well, I can't do this' -- and judgment," Patricia Wolfson said.

Wolfson is a mom of three boys and creator of the Activate Her Now weekend. She originally came up with the idea after working at her sons’ summer camp.

"We're taking care of our families. We're taking care of our spouses. We're taking care of business. We're taking care of everything at home, and it's like we put ourselves last because everything else is facing us," she said. "I'm watching everything go on and I'm like, 'This looks like a really fun time.' I was just having fun and I was in the moment and I feel if I'm coming alive with this, maybe other women will come alive with this, too."

So she created a weekend filled with activities that would allow women to focus on and center themselves and regain some of that confidence they once had as a kid.

"We did trapeze and bungee, acrobatics, which I did for the first time and that was pretty awesome. We also did the jumping pads. One of the things I did was making bracelets and we took that time to just sit," Wolfson said.

Not only did Wolfson help some of these women face their fears, they bonded over the experience.

"The importance of sisterhood. I really believe when women get together, amazing things happen, especially when you're in a supportive group of women who are like, 'You be you. You do you.' You feel limitless and you're like, 'Wow, I really can do this,'" Wolfson said.

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