A godsend for vegans, allergy sufferers, first-ever plant-based milkshake shop opens in NYC

Posted at 5:59 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 17:59:21-04

EAST VILLAGE — Dessert crazes are a dime a dozen especially in the summer. They usually spark massive lines, tons of selfies and a collective “oh my God it’s so good!”

Most of the time, the people who miss out on it all are individuals with food allergies, whether it be dairy, lactose or gluten.

That is until now.

Brand new to the East Village, Cake Shake USA is the first ever plant-based milk shake shop in the country.

Each menu item is not only over-the-top but according to owner Zach Neil, each is loaded with all-natural ingredients that would fool any dairy lover out there.

“I wanted to have a place where people who were vegans, vegetarians, have gluten allergies - a place where everybody can go together,” Neil told PIX11 News.

Executive Chef Felix Castro spent years perfecting the home-made ice cream recipes that are 100% plant-based, assuring customers with tender tummies they need not to worry.

It’s a relief to the 25 percent of Americans who suffer from a dairy allergy.

His popular “Macha Macha Man” shake is a big hit on the menu.

“When you come here and you ask for a Macha Man, you don’t only have to sing the song but you have to do the dance,” the pastry chef joked.

Jammed-pack with coconut nut ice cream, macha powder, vegan chocolate cake topped with whipped cream, the shake contains ingredients some vegans would claim are making dessert great again.

Another popular item is the “Pebbles” shake which is chock full of strawberry ice cream, freeze-dried strawberries, vegan red velvet cake, whipped cream and of course – the timeless classic Fruity Pebbles.

On top of the obvious perks for vegans, if you’re under 12 years old – you eat for free.

“Everyone deserves a cheat day, everyone deserves that one treat and if you’re gonna have it, have it here,” proclaims Neil.

Cake Shake is located at 514 E. 6th Street between Avenue A and B. Follow them on Instagram