Mom’s quest for perfect necklace leads to successful jewelry line for parents

Posted: 1:46 PM, Jul 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-30 13:59:30-04

NEW YORK—Whether it’s been easy or hard, the journey to motherhood is one to be remembered and treasured -- and that’s exactly what Melissa Clayton, a certified public accountant at the time, was hoping to do as she searched for a special necklace after the birth of her first son.

"I couldn’t find anything I loved, so I decided to make it myself and that was really how it all started," Clayton said.

She hand-stamped his name on a sterling silver circle to wear on a chain.

"My girlfriends would see it and they would want one, so I started to make them. Then things started to snowball. I knew I wanted to do more fine jewelry so that's when we moved to all laser engraving," Clayton said.

Now, Tiny Tags is one of the finest online stores selling personalized jewelry.

They’ve been featured in People and Glamour magazines and have been worn by celeb moms.

"We've had Meryl Streep wear Tiny Tags. She was at an event and I gifted it to her and then she actually wore it, which is incredible," Clayton said.

Besides celebrating the gift of motherhood, Clayton’s mission also has been to give back.

Every month, Tiny Tags donates to organizations like Save the Children and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

"What we did this past Mother's Day was probably one of my favorite things. We worked with a local homeless shelter and we surprised 100 moms for Mother's Day with Tiny Tags, and I'd love to think in those difficult times, that they hold their Tiny Tags," Clayton said.

It’s stories like these that she said keeps her going.

"I feel so blessed that I've had this business that I get to share something that I love with the world. I'd like to think there's a mom sitting in traffic and she's maybe rushing home from work and just to kind of, take that deep breath, and to hold her Tiny Tags and remember how blessed she is. And the journey that it took her to get to have children," Clayton said.

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