Hidden New York: The Secret Door in Little Italy

Posted: 6:08 AM, Sep 22, 2017
Updated: 2020-01-10 03:25:45-05

For the past 91 years, Little Italy has been home to the yearly San Gennaro festival.

The feast features some of the best Italian food around with vendors who wake up each and every day early to prep for the thousands that flock daily to the area.

In the middle of it all, along Mulberry Street sits a simple red door four steps below street level.

It is unmarked with a red light bulb above it and when that red light is on, head right inside.

After you weave your way through an entrance and hallway - you will find yourself inside "The Mulberry Project."

"It is smack in the middle of red sauce land," says owner Carmine DiGiovanni."  "It is a hidden little gem."

Giovanni says The Mulberry Project is not actually an Italian joint, despite its location, but rather a tapas restaurant meant to serve as juxtaposition to the Italian-inspired area outside.

On the walls, hand-drawn artwork from local artists that started small and have now made it big.

"A lot of this stuff is done by local artists that are unknown at the time, but they are now getting big on the scene," says Giovanni.

Their drink menu is inspired by the local produce of Little Italy.

"All of our bartenders build a relationship with our guests and bring them on an adventure of creating a perfect cocktail and experience," says Anthony Bohlinger.

While the space inside is hidden, there is another staircase in the back leading back upstairs to a secret garden.

The Mulberry project is open daily at 6pm.