Car rams into bus stops in France; at least 1 dead

Posted at 5:32 AM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-21 06:39:10-04

FRANCE —A Marseille police official confirms reports that a van has rammed two bus stops in two different neighborhoods of the Mediterranean port city, killing a woman and injuring another person.

French forensic police officers gesture to pedestrians as they take images while searching a vehicle following a car crash in the southern Mediterranean city of Marseille on Aug. 21, 2017. (BERTRAND LANGLOIS/AFP/Getty Images)

David-Olivier Reverdy of the Alliance police union says the driver of the Renault Master van was arrested in the scenic Old Port neighborhood Monday morning.

He says it is too early to blame the incident on terrorism, but “given the times” it cannot be excluded as a motive.

He says all possibilities are currently being studied.

One person was hospitalized after the driver rammed the first bus stop. A woman was killed after he rammed the second bus stop in front of a KFC restaurant.

The two bus stops in northern Marseille are about 5 kilometers (3 miles) apart. Marseille is France’s second largest city.