Officials consider causes of minor subway derailment in Brooklyn; Union releases plan for system repairs

Posted at 10:57 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-22 08:25:26-04

SHEEPSHEAD BAY, Brooklyn — The Q train was on its way to Coney Island from the Sheepshead Bay station Friday morning when the MTA says the second set of wheels on the second car came off the track.

MTA Acting Interim Director Ronnie Hakim said there did not appear to be any obvious or visual indication of what caused it. The track is curved heading out of the station.

No update was provided as of Friday night and riders are frustrated by the delays. The week started with a track fire that halted service during the Monday morning commute.

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota is finalizing a plan to restructure the agency. He may have an announcement in the next week. The MTA Board and its committees also meet the week of July 24.

Transport Workers Union President John Samuelson is calling for more and more frequent inspections and repairs.

Local 100  has released a 10-point plan:

  • Inspect signals more frequently
  • Provide more signal emergency response teams with accompanying trucks
  • Strategically deploy maintainers across the system
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures and Provide Training
  • Shorten the inspection cycles for subway cars
  • Shorten the scheduled maintenance cycles for subway cars
  • Correct pre-service train car inspection issues
  • Provide more Road Car Inspector Emergency Response Teams
  • Provide ‘gap trains’ strategically
  • Take a fresh comprehensive look at bus service

On May 15, after signal issues and other problems the previous week, MTA Acting Interim Direction Ronnie Hakim announced a 6-point plan to address major causes of subway delays. Staff said it had been in the works for a few months.

It called for improving maintenance and inspections,  actively managing system bottlenecks, positioning rapid response teams and emergency crews,  expediting delivery of new subway cars, streamlining passenger movement, and removing more track trash.

The agency says it immediately created a test corridor along the 8th Avenue Line and in the South Bronx.